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    Prison Jargon, slang definitions

    Some TSH Members, KillaT, 1Shot know that I work with the Florida Dept. of Corrections Office of the Inspector General, and have been there for about 13 years. I thought id share some funny ass shit with u on the prison common terms and jargon that is used by Inmates and staf alike. Enjoy....

    "one time" or "fire in the hole"= Officer coming
    "green"= new
    "new cock"= new officer
    "suitcasing"= hiding contraband in their ASS
    "punk" or "sissy"= homosexual
    "war daddy"= a fags old man
    "kite"= letter
    "ticket"= form of gambling on sports
    "rip"- a handrolled cigarettes (“TOP” cigarette tobacco)
    "break bread"=to share
    "goulash"= nasty mixture of soup noodles and everything
    "buck"= home made wine (Rice, Fruit (Oranges, Apples) and water There is no Yeast in the Food Service or in the Prison.
    "kick rocks"= go away (normally stated “Bitch…Kick Rocks”
    "shank"= homemade weapon
    "skin game", or “skinning”= a form of card game preferred by the Inmates
    "gunning"= masterbating while looking at staff
    "Sniping", “Sniper”, “Mad Sniper”= gunning in secret, and term referred to Inmates who always masturbate
    "off the chain"= outta control
    "tighten up"= quit slippin, or hurry
    "Jail" "the box", “red roof, or Holiday Inn”- confinement
    "sleeved"- tattoos covering an entire arm
    "cheese in the trap"- female on the wing -warning gunners yell out
    "Cracker beach" = part of the rec yard where white guys tan.
    "slingin ink" - tattooing
    "bonehead" - whites refering to black inmates
    "snow white" - brand new young white inmate
    "runner" – Inmate Orderly (usually in Confinement)
    "wild wild west" - dorm with alot of gunners
    "runnin boards" gambling
    "Gorilla Pimpin'"- Forcefully pimpin out a person, and using force to keep his "hoe" in line
    "Doorilla" - convict making threats from behind a locked door
    "Crash Test Dummy" - convict wearing a seizure helmet
    Fishing = Slinging a line from cell to cell in confinement to get notes/smokes back and forth. Sometimes defy the laws of physics and/or gravity.
    Speeding Tickets - Corrective Consultations
    Speed Trap - When a group of officers gather around a place that inmates congregate and start "selectively enforcing" rules (with aforementioned Speeding Tickets)
    Sealed Indictment - A DisciplinaryReport that the inmate has no clue he got, until he is served the DR.
    Driving without a license - Inmate doesn't have his ID card with him.
    Ladies Night= when food service serves hot dogs or the big ol' sausages for dinner

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    kick rocks, punk.

    lol jk

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    there is more comming....

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    lol, bargains a great gunner and Outlaw is the best sniper ever! ROLF!!

    Life... is like a grapefruit. Its orange and squishy, and has a few pips in it, and some folks have half a one for breakfast. - Douglas Adams

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    thats some funny shit outlaw. do you get alot of "doorillas" yelling out "one time" while suitcasing?

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    plenty of the doorillas......

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